About us

About Us

Dr Uma’s Homoeo – Cure & Care assures to provide the best Homoeopathic medical treatment by updating and harnessing the new technologies at every stage to benefit each patient with best affordable medical service.


The mission of Dr. Uma’s homoeo cure and care is to provide and promote compassionate, accessible, high quality effective healthcare to the community.


An innovative Homoeopathic treatment platform dedicated to advancing health and transforming the lives of the people we serve through quality treatment, easy accessibility, patient centric approach, affordable cost, caring and unmatched service.

Good day!

Glad to introduce myself, Dr.Uma

With years of experience and providing consultation to a great number of patients across the globe, it has now become an ultimate necessity to provide enhanced service harnessing the new technology which is now forced upon us by the much unexpected pandemic.

My new initiative Dr.Uma’s Homoeo – Cure & Care is being launched with a Vision beyond my dreams and with the ultimate mission to provide the best treatment with care in homeopathy.

Sharing a few words about myself, my graduation was from Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram under Kerala University in 2002 thus becoming a Registered medical practitioner (Reg No. 6831) certified duly by the Travancore – Cochin Council of Homoeopathic Medicine.

It is believed that homoeo is a medical practice which is very restricted and limited to a few treatments and there is a myth about its varied benefits. However I realized as a Homoeopathic Physician that it is my bounded duty to spread the importance of Homoeopathy and expose its benefits to all . And hence I started working towards raising the standards of Homoeopathic treatments to bring out its healing benefits which is on par with other medical practices .

As time went on I could see that just by having a clinic my patients accessibility was limited and it will not take my vow and vision to the next level. This initiative would create more connectivity without any barriers and be an eye opener to millions out there who have a complete misconception about Homoeopathy to come out of it and see the reality.

Homoeopathy is not only an alternate medicine but a modern, progressive, efficient and effective medical science today with the advancement that is happening every day in this field.

I have gathered my courage with dedication to take this initiative of mine forward which I have gained through my foresight, experience and interactions with my patients. I look forward to extending the medical benefits which is a safe and natural medical system in our country and to other global healing centres incessantly to bring out the acceptance of homoeopathy.

Our tagline states our intentions “Uncompromised Medical Attention” through Homoeopathy.

Stay safe Stay healthy.